How to level up fast in dragon city?

Hello dragon city fellas! Dragon city is a very popular game along all the game lovers. Well, people finding it interesting for many reasons. 

There are so many things to do in this dragon city game. You can also play it and enjoy it as much as you want.  

Lots of experience with crystals and habitants

When you chose this strategy you will not be able to earn gold. When you spend it you will be able to experience even more.

 Either it will let you have crystals or habitants or this brings experience when you buy them.

The other thing which you can do is if you own habitant already then you are able in placing habitant into your stock which would help you later and it will be very easy to use a new one without losing the previous one.

There are some steps which would help in following

  • Breeding much dragons
  • Then use the farms more often
  • You will be able to buy a dweller/ big farms and then you can sell it any moment. This is how you will be able to gain too much experience.
  • Then here is one more thing which you can try if you want.

When you reach at level 14 then you will be able in building six farms maximally.  Build 6 big farms, and then you will be able in selling them all.

 Still you will have half of gold in your hand and this would bring you much experience, then again you will be able in building 6 farms and you could sell them all again.

 Now you are levelled up and so you are free to do it again various times.

  • Boosts help in giving a GIANT amount of EXP, but on the other hand it takes time and so much gold.
  • Then remove hurdles, like big stones and tress.


There are people who do not find wasting their gold for the sake of farm experience but you can follow up this method until you reached to level 58. 

That is how you can unlock levels and reach to 58.  Enjoy this game and play gold would be really helpful for crossing your ways.

 This game has so many levels to cross each one has its own importance to cross and experience. All the best!

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